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All our students are treated as individuals and learning is delivered to meet their unique needs. They benefit from excellent standards of teaching delivered by qualified andexperienced teachers. Technology is a huge part of everyone’s lives so it is important to learn as much about it as possible!


Be part of our vision

Every year HTC puts on a whole college musical as well as Drama productions and talent shows.

If you like dancing you can be in the shows, join Dance clubs, take part in the Rock Challenge or take BTEC Dance.

Science Club
You get to do wacky experiments at this club! MusicYou can join the Steel Pans, Swing Band, Vocal group or get involved in bands and ensembles.

Trips and Visits
There are always loads of great trips going on, both locally and abroad. The annual ski trip is really popular and so is the camping residential. We all get to take part in fun and interesting visits to other places.

You also have the chance to build a go-kart, join the Electronics club, competeat Warhammer, enter the fashion show or compete in Mini Masterchef – the choice is yours!

We Love Sport

We hold sports fixtures against other schools and are especially successful in team sports and athletics.

You will have lots of fun and get fit using our interactive gym and our X Bike spinning room!

We also have a great playing field, a massive sports hall, two gyms and high-tech training equipment and loads of great clubs that run before and after school.

We also have an excellent sports leadership programme and run festivals and qualifications throughout the year.

Here are the sport qualifications we do:
Football  |  Badminton  |  Dance  |  Basketball |  Netball   |   Rounders   |   Rugby   |   Athletics |  Trampolining   |   Volleyball   |   Tennis |  Table-tennis   |   Ultimate Frisbee   |   Softball and Gymnastics

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