Guidelines for logging in to Firefly

Dear Parent/Carer

Please find below a help sheet showing you how to log on to Firefly for the first time using the email address you have given to the College.

The College has set aside ‘drop in’ evenings for each year group which are to help users access and use the site if they have forgotten or if they are using if for the first time. The drop in dates are in the College calendar which are as follows:

Year 10 – Wednesday 5 October
Year 8 – Wednesday 2 November
Year 9 – Wednesday 9 November
Year 7 – Wednesday 30 November

Please remember to keep the College updated if you change an email address because you will only be able to access Firefly if you use the email address you have given HTC.

If you need help setting up your Firefly account please contact

Yours sincerely
Mr Andrew Gray
Assistant Headteacher

Please click here for guidelines.

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